Interactive Simulators for Attractions

Multi-Sport Simulators for Attractions

Visual Sports SwingTrack™ simulators are a major draw and provide the opportunity to offer a fun and exciting experience as a centerpiece of your attraction or facility. They let you give your guests a chance to be part of your attraction, with memorable, hands-on interactivity and an immersive game experience.

High Profile and High Excitement

Our simulators are always the highlight at any attraction, blending the thrill of sports with interactivity and education. As a permanent installation, they are a great draw and a popular way to increase customer throughput. They also attract repeat customers, providing your guests a reason to come back again and again. Our simulators draw crowds for some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, from pro teams to halls of fame.

Put Players in the Experience Hockey Simulator

Whatever your sport, your customers will be part of the action with a hands-on experience that features real equipment, precision game mechanics and custom graphics. Nothing beats the excitement and rush of sports competition. Our simulators will get both the fun and the blood pumping, ensuring high visitor satisfaction and strong word-of-mouth. They can engage customers for a wide variety of attractions, representing just about any major sport.

  • Stadiums • Arenas • Science Centers • Halls of Fame
  • Museums • Universities • High Schools


We Provide Your Sport

Whether you're a baseball team, golf attraction, or hockey hall of fame, our SwingTrack™ simulators will give your guests an immersive and realistic experience. Our golf simulation features advanced precision in tracking ball speed and spin data, and launch angles. It even offers video playback for swing analysis. Incredible precision is what makes our golf simulator the best, but multi-sport capability with up to 13 sports including baseball, hockey, football, soccer and more is what makes us one-of-a-kind.

Football Simulator

Educate and Entertain

Your guests can broaden their experience while they play a custom sports experience that puts them into a great moment in your home team's history, or gives them a lesson in the science of sport. We can even create a custom game to make our simulators a perfect fit. Our team of designers and engineers will bring your vision to life, like the puck shooter game we customized for the Hockey Hall of Fame, where you play as the goalie and try to make the big save on real pucks!

Soccer Simulator

A Fully Customized Experience

To create the most memorable possible experience for your guests, our team of designers can bring just about any idea to life. Our simulators offer a wide variety of games and modes, but the possibilities don't end there. We can customize just about any aspect of game play to make a perfect fit for your audience, from bringing your stadium to life in high-definition, to adding a sports star from the home team into a game.

We're always happy to arrange a planning session to bring your or your client's ideas to life. Our in-house team of specialists is ready to design any look and feel you require, with exceptional speed and quality. Recent customizations include adding a popular carton character to a simulator on a cruise ship, and putting a giant Coke can between the uprights in an Aussie Rules Football game, so players could hit the can to win prizes.

Custom Soccer Simulator Hockey Simulator Baseball Simulator


In-Game Sponsorship

SwingTrack™ simulators offer a variety of ways to promote sponsors or your own messaging, with in-game advertising. You can show ads whenever the system is idle between games, or set the simulator to Stadium Mode to show video advertisements on the big screen in between each player. And whatever you're looking to promote via the SwingTrack™ simulator, from happy hour food discounts, to a sponsor's name, you can advertise on a variety of in-game stadium and arena billboards and banners.

Soccer Simulator

Client: Toronto Blue Jays

Why Visual Sports?

This Major League Baseball team was looking to add a new promotional product to increase crowds and celebrate the 2013 season. They wanted to bring their own game idea and stadium to life, so they approached Visual Sports. In partnership with the team, we customized a new one-of-a-kind game that allows players to bat against a pitching machine. For the in-game graphics, we created a near-perfect simulated replica of the Rogers Center stadium.

Simulator Set-Up?

They set up a simulator on the concourse at their home games during Junior Jays promotional games on Saturdays, as well as outside Rogers Centre for additional special events.

Promotion Success?

The simulators are a big success, always drawing large crowds and lineups any time they're featured.

In Their Words

The Toronto Blue Jays couldn't be more thrilled with our purchase of a multi-sport simulator from Visual Sports. We were so impressed with details on the stadium customization! The system is very easy to set up and we look forward to using the simulator during many more home games as well as other special events as it is a big hit with all our fans!

Anthony Partipilo
Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
Toronto Blue Jays