Golf Simulators with Multi-Sport for Business

SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports golf simulators and multi-sport simulators are one of the highest earning products available for your business. They'll draw crowds and get your customer-base talking. Some of our satisfied customers include sports bars, hotels, indoor golf centers and family entertainment centers.


Our simulators offer some of the best ROI in the business. And with a small footprint and high drawing potential, our interactive simulators are an incredibly efficient money maker.

Broad Customer Appeal Draws Crowds

With so many different sports and pre-set skill levels, our simulators appeal to both men and women of every age. Some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment use our interactive simulators to get people talking and draw crowds.

Precision Golf Simulator

Our golf simulators feature precision that will improve your customer's games, including advanced tracking for ball speed and spin, and launch angles. They even offer video playback for swing analysis. Your customers can play 18 holes on up to 87 fully rendered golf courses, including the most popular PGA stops. Or practice at the driving range, or the chipping and putting area.

Golf Simulator for business

Up to 15 Sports On One System

Incredible precision is what makes our golf simulator the best, but multi-sport capability - including baseball, hockey, football, soccer and more is what makes us one-of-a-kind. That flexibility is unique in the industry, and will help boost revenue for your business.

Sports Simulator for Business

Easy Pay-Per-Play

Our simulators make it easy to customize pay options to suit your business, from coins, to tokens, to card swipe. You can charge different rates at different times, to draw a lunch crowd or boost business for the big game. This flexibility makes our simulators a perfect fit for any type of customer, whether they're looking for a fun arcade-style experience, or a consistent way to sharpen skills and train hard.

Customization and Sponsorship

Place slogans, logos or other corporate messaging right in the game, to promote your business or a sponsors. Enjoy cross-sell and promotional opportunities with everything from a sponsors logo on player uniforms, to in-stadium ads for nightly drink specials. Beyond just advertising, you can customize graphics to match a local favorite stadium, team or player. And the possibilities are not just limited to sports.

Indoor golf simulator

Business Case - The Sportszone at the Dome

Why SwingTrack™?Custom Golf Simulator

The Sportzone wanted to increase golf traffic to their facility by providing a high-end golf solution, and provide multi-sport options to drive non-golf traffic.

Simulator Set-Up?

They built a dedicated area and installed 7 high-end simulators side-by-side.

Revenue Generation?

They rent out simulators by the hour for all customers, with a focus on golf business using regular golf play, league play and even lessons.

Regular hourly rates are $10 for 15 mins, $20 for a half-hour and $30 for an hour. Rates go up at peak hours. The Sportzone will be able to pay off simulators and start to see a return in just 6-7 months.

Repeat Customer?

They plan to upgrade soon by adding additional sports.

In Their Words

Our seven SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports multi-sport simulators are constantly generating significant revenue, and were well worth the investment. Our customers love playing all the different game options! The team at SwingTrack worked with us each step of the way from initial inquire to install and service. We look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

John Edholm,
The SportZone