Interactive Simulators for Events

SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports Simulators for Events

Generate crowds and attention with the excitement of a sports simulator. They're always the highlight at any event or venue, generating a high throughput that means more exposure for clients and sponsors.

Grab Their AttentionSoccer Simulator

A SwingTrack™ simulator offers incredibly real environments and game mechanics that let players test their long game at Pebble Beach, face major league batters, and try to score penalty shots against world-class goalies.

With interactive sports simulation playing on our giant HD-quality screen, you're guaranteed to catch eyes and draw crowds. And you can customize an attention-grabbing structure around the simulator for maximum visual impact.

Precision Golf Training Plus Multi-Sport

Incredible precision is what makes our golf simulators the best complete with ball flight analysis and swing data - but multi-sport capability is what makes us one-of-a-kind. You can offer the thrills of golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, football and many more, all on the same interactive sports simulator. No matter what the event or client, you'll be able to give them the sport they're looking for.

Contests and Competitions

Nothing draws crowds and repeat-use like the thrill of competition. Our SwingTrack™ simulators offer literally hundreds of possibilities for targeted contests and competitions to tie into sports events, themed venues or special events. Add prizing for top scores to add even more excitement.

Here are a few ideas from past clients:

Golf - Longest drive, closest-to-the-pin, match play or skins competitions

Football - Longest field goal or passing accuracy contests

Hockey - Hardest shot, fastest shooting or top accuracy competitions

Baseball - Home run derby challenge or fastest pitch contest

Basketball - Foul-shooting competition

Football Simulator

Bring Sports Anywhere

Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed our SwingTrack™ simulators at events all over the world. We've entertained crowds everywhere from trade shows and conventions, to stadiums hosting the FIFA World Cup and NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Our interactive sports simulators are a perfect fit anywhere you're looking to create memories or make an impression for your clients.

Just a few ideas of venues and events: Football Simulator Events

  • Schools & Universities
  • Stadiums (outside or on the concourse)
  • Golf Clubhouses
  • Sports Bars
  • Trade Shows & Conventions
  • Super Bowl Parties
  • Finals Parties for NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA
  • Celebrations & Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Events & Retreats
  • Birthday Parties

A Fully Customized Experience

Our SwingTrack™ simulators offer a variety of in-game customization, from the simple to the one-of-a-kind. To give your clients a home-town feel, we can quickly and easily re-create almost any environment, so players can throw fastballs at Yankee Stadium, shoot penalty shots at Wembley, or kick field goals at your local college stadium. Our team of designers can customize graphics so the in-game players are wearing the local pro uniforms, or any design of your choosing. Or we can add sports stars from the home team into the game. Players can kick as real NFL players, shoot against pro goalies, or try to strike out the best sluggers from the local MLB team.

We can customize just about any aspect of game play to make a perfect fit for any event or promotion. We're always happy to arrange a planning session to bring your or your client's ideas to life. Recent customizations include adding a popular carton character to a simulator on a cruise ship, and putting a giant Coke can between the uprights in an Aussie Rules Football game, so players could hit the can to win prizes.

To increase exposure for clients or sponsors, you can display ads whenever the system is idle between games, or set the simulator to Stadium Mode to show video advertisements on the big screen in between each player. Whatever your clients are looking to promote via the multi-sports simulator, from happy hour food discounts, to a new mobile phone package, they can advertise on a variety of in-game stadium and arena billboards and banners.

Soccer Simulator Baseball Simulator Hockey Simulator


Easy Set Up

A Visual Sports SwingTrack™ simulator sets up quickly and stores easily, and requires only minimal supervision to operate.

  • Just 1 or 2 people for set-up
  • Small footprint means it requires minimal space
  • Only requires a single operator

Samsung at the FIFA World Cup

Why SwingTrack™?

They wanted a high-impact way to draw customers to a product promotion for mobile phones at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in South Africa.

Simulator Set-Up?

They purchased 3 simulators and set them up outside stadiums during game days, one each at the World Cup stadiums in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Promotion Success?

More than 40,000 people shot penalty kicks at the three venues throughout the World Cup. Client drove indirect revenue through the promotion, and increased sales of both phones and plans through the buzz and traffic generated by the simulators.