SwingTrack™ Simulators for Training and Fitness

A SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports simulator offers Incredibly real environments and game mechanics that let your customers test their golf skills and improve their game. And they can go beyond golf to train and exercise while pitching against major league batters, shooting on world-class goalies and QBing against pro defensive backs.

Generate New Interest and Revenue

A SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports simulator provides a unique competitive advantage for facilities looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our simulators can help sustain a younger demographic, with their multi-sport versatility. And for older customers, the safe fitness capabilities are a major draw.

Golf and sport simulation is fun, exciting and effective as a training tool. Our simulators are proven to promote strong word-of-mouth and improve overall customer satisfaction, and can drive revenue either as a pay-as-you-go training program, or as part of an integrated training program for golf or other sports.

Precision Golf Training Plus Multi-Sport

Our golf simulation features advanced precision in tracking ball speed and spin data, and launch angles. It even offers video playback for swing analysis. Players can enjoy 18 holes on up to 87 fully rendered golf courses, including the most popular PGA stops. Or they can practice at the driving range, or the chipping and putting area.

Incredible precision is what makes our golf simulator the best, but multi-sport capability with up to 15 sports including baseball, hockey, football, soccer and more is what makes us one-of-a-kind. And players can enjoy sports anywhere, any time, without having to worry about the weather, finding a venue or tracking down enough team-mates for a game.

Golf Simulator for Training

Play Hard or Train Hard

The SwingTrack™ simulator is a perfect fit for anyone, whether they're looking for a way to sharpen skills and train hard, or just a fun experience with precision sports simulation. The environment is simulated, the equipment and game mechanics are not. Your customers hold a real golf club and hit a real ball, throw an actual baseball and kick a regulation soccer ball. With up to 13 sports on 1 machine, our simulators offer a huge range of exercises and motions, all within an immersive and fun sports environment, and all possible within a minimal footprint space.

Golf Simulator for Training

Bring Sports Anywhere

Whether you're an athlete in training, or own or operate a sports training center, gym or other fitness facility, our SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports simulators could help you gain a competitive edge.

Sports Simulators

A few ideas of venues:

  • Golf Training Centers • Sports Training Centers • Fitness Centers & Gyms • Rec Centers • Physical Rehab Facilities • Military Bases

Precision Ball Tracking & Data

SwingTrack™ interactive golf simulators utilize our industry-leading SwingTrack Flight™ camera technology with four ultra-high-speed cameras that capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path for incredibly accurate simulation and analysis. The system captures ball flight data at 2000 frames per second, more than 30x faster than high-def video.VTrack Camera

Golfers can precisely measure:

  • Drive distance
  • Launch angle
  • Backspin
  • Club head speed
  • Ball carry
  • Ball trajectory
  • Ball direction
  • Ball speed
  • Side spin
  • Club face angle
  • Club head path

And our other multi-sport games offer similar precision, whether testing the speed of a slap-shot, the distance of a field-goal kick or the speed of a fastball.

Customize Data Collection and Graphics

A SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports simulator offers a variety of customizations for you and your customers to get more out of their experience. We can customize your simulator to track any game data you want, to help you gain valuable insights about how and when your customers are using the simulators, and use that data to improve your business.

To deepen your customers engagement and keep them coming back, our simulators can be customized with player profiles that detail all their game data. You can even give them reports and graphs that show exactly how their skills are evolving over weeks, months or years. And whatever you're looking to promote via the multi-sports simulator, from product sales, to a sponsor's name, you can advertise on a variety of in-game venue billboards and banners.

Client: Full Swing Sports Center

Why SwingTrack™?

The Full Swing Sports Center was about to open a 9,000 sq.ft. sports training facility, and was eager to add our simulator in time for opening. They knew it would be popular with their customer base, and that the multi-sport capability would cater to all kinds of sports enthusiasts.

Simulator Set-Up?

They house the multi-sport simulator in their main sports area, along with a row of batting cages.

Revenue Generation?

They use a token mechanism, offering 5 minutes of play per token, for the simulator. Or players can purchase a monthly membership, or rent the system by the hour. The simulator is a big hit with those looking for a one-off fun experience, and those looking for help with training and rehab.