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VTrack Golf Simulator Camera

Camera Tracking System

The SwingTrack Flight™ camera system is designed to give you the most accurate ball flight analysis available. The SwingTrack Flight™ system uses four high-speed cameras to capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path. The SwingTrack Flight™ cameras captures ball flight data at the incredible rate of 2000 frames per second.

The combination of our SwingTrack Flight™ camera system and the SwingTrack Club™ camera provides you with a full analysis of each shot and allows for a more realistic golf simulation experience.



Camera FeaturesVTrack Camera

The system captures ball flight data at 2000 frames per second, more than 30x faster than high-def video.

  • Dual Plane Tracking
  • 2000 frames per second
  • Ball Speed Tracking
  • Trajectory Tracking
  • Launch Angle Tracking
  • Easy set up and Calibration
  • Real-Time Ball Flight Data



Precision Ball Tracking & Data

SwingTrack™ by Visual Sports simulators combine industry-leading the SwingTrack Club™ camera with four ultra-high-speed cameras that capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path for incredibly accurate simulation and analysis.

Golfers can precisely measure:Golf Simualtor Tracking

  • Drive distance
  • Launch angle
  • Backspin
  • Club head speed
  • Ball carry
  • Ball trajectory
  • Ball direction
  • Ball speed
  • Side spin
  • Club face angle
  • Club head path
  • Swing Path

And our other multi-sport games offer similar precision, whether testing the speed of a slap-shot, the distance of a field-goal kick or the speed of a fastball.