Basketball Simulator

Take to the hardwood to sink baskets from all over court. Choose 1 or 2 players then select from five environments including an arena and space station, then try to shoot the lights out. The basket moves after every successful basket and our precision ball tracking measures each shot to the inch.

Virtual Basketball Simulator


5 Unique Environments

Players can choose from 5 different environments, from the realism of an arena, to more daring gaming locations.

Virtual Basketball Simulator



Abandoned Yard


Space Station

Changing Net Position

After each successful basket the on-screen basket changes position to further test your abilities.

Virtual Basketball Simulator

In-Game Advertising

Operators can add their own advertising to be displayed in-game. Advertising images are easily changed through the SwingTrack OS.

Virtual Basketball Simulator


  • 1 or 2 Players
  • 3 Skill Levels
  • 5 Unique Game Environments
  • In-Game Advertising
  • High Score Tracking
  • Shot Location Tracking
  • Changing Basket Positions