Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator

Play with 1 or 2 players in two exciting game modes to test your kicking power and skill. Go head-to-head with a goalie in Penalty Mode, or try to bend the ball around defenders in Set Piece Mode. After every game, you'll see shot location, average speed, goals and misses.

Our interactive soccer simulator offers multiple game modes and environments, along with precision ball tracking and customizable stadiums and players.

Virtual Soccer Simulator

Two Modes of Play

Try to bend the ball around the defenders in Set Piece Mode. Or take penalty shots directly on the keeper in Penalty Mode.

Virtual Soccer Simulator

5 Unique Environments

Players can select from 5 unique environments.

Virtual Soccer Simulator


City Park


Swiss Alps

The Beach

5 Keeper Characters

Players can choose from 5 keepers characters. Each set of characters can be enabled/disabled by the operator through the VSS Console.

Virtual Soccer Simulator


Red Devil


Sea Creature


Post Game Analysis

After the game each players shot location, average speed, goals, and misses are displayed in the post game analysis screen.

Virtual Soccer Simulator

In-Game Advertising

Operators can add their own advertising to be displayed in-game. Advertising images are easily changed through the SwingTrack OS.

Virtual Soccer Simulator



  • 1 or 2 Players
  • 3 Skill Levels
  • 5 Keeper Characters
  • 5 Unique Game Environments
  • 2 Modes of Play
  • Speed and Location Tracking
  • In-Game Advertising
  • Instant Replay
  • Post Game Analysis
  • High Score Tracking
  • Spin Adjustment