Final Round at the Masters. Superbowl Sunday. 7th Game in the World Series. Each of these fine traditions celebrated with you and the the local watering hole? No more! We know you've been dreaming of the day when your basement hideaway is no longer a forgotten storage space - but the ultimate "man cave".


It's time to transform that unfinished space, whether in your basement, converted garage, or behind a secret passageway between the flowerbed and the neighbour’s fence, you're ready to make it the most desired spot on the block.


We are aware that having a space like this is no easy sell for a family home. So, recognizing that getting to this point has likely taken some serious negotiation with your significant other, we have a few suggestions now that you have won the battle and are ready to start building or re-designing.

The feeling of this type of space is important, and you're likely a little reluctant to ask for assistance from your partner in terms of how to decorate and what to include. You worry that asking for help could result in Jenga, Monopoly and a featured array of scented candles and throw cushions from the Pottery Barn, rather than sports memorabilia and a very, very large screen and interactive gaming. Worry not – Visual Sports is solution based for your needs.


Our team knows that the dream item for many of these spaces is the screen. We take the screen many steps further by offering a golf and multi sport simulator with the screen that will have your Xbox covered in dust in no time flat.

The Visual Sports team is made up of fans like you and we've taken the top ideas from our team to share with you key components for the "Ultimate Man Cave":


Sports Simulator with Big Screen! Interactive play is huge for building positive energy, getting exercise and testing your skills. Golf, baseball, football, soccer, cricket, you name it. Plus, a screen of this size will easily double up for all of your viewing needs.

Surround Sound. Enjoying the experience in a 360° environment. Some top of the line surround sound systems include Bose and Bang & Olufson.

Lighting. Yes, we get it's your “cave” dwelling - but even fire helped lighten things up at one point. Have lots of lighting for the times you need it and spread it throughout the space - pot lights, floor lamps, table lamps. Great read from Houzz to help.

Bar and Fridge. Food and drink! Can't remember the last time you went to a pro sporting event and couldn't get a cold one or a hot dog. Be sure to have adequate space to include something to keep things cool. Don't forget the ice!

Comfortable Seating. Sofas, chairs and ottomans that are bigger. Recliners and beanbags are a common addition. Also, if you are able to have a bar, bar stools with a cushioned seat go a long way. The Man Cave is an inspiring resource for these items.

Tables. Being able to set down food and drink without worry is a biggie. Afternoon and weekend celebrations come partnered with snacks and drinks and it's just plain awkward to walk around holding stuff. Plus, need we remind you of what happens to the carpet when a bottle is accidentally kicked over?

Memorabilia. Sport of your choosing. Posters, jerseys, equipment, you name it.

Residential Simulator

You need to make your space the best. Our team knows that installing a sports simulator will impress your friends and neighbors with life-like game play, incredible precision and excitement rivaling even getting out and physically playing the sport. When it comes to hanging out with your friends, find out once and for all who can hit the ball the hardest, fastest and most accurate. Our 13-sport multi system features a game for everyone, and gets the whole family off the couch and into the action.

As a bonus your simulator’s high definition screen can be used to watch your favourite movies, sporting events and play video games. Now, that's a cave you can call home.

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