Play and Promote! Golf Simulators as Part of Corporate Promotions. Football Simulator

Your company is about to embark on hosting a promotional event and it's got you thinking - what could we be doing differently? Is a golf simulator something that may work for us or maybe we need a different sport like soccer or baseball? Visual Sports has multiple options for multiple needs.

However, before you consider all of the options available to you, think about what you want from this event. Let's explore this together:

1. Are you raising awareness for your companies brand overall?

If you are hosting a booth at a convention centre for example, and you are aiming to stand out amongst the crowd, a simulator is a super way to do this. The added bonus: your brand can be showcased both ON the hardware and IN the game.

Visual Sports isn't the world leader in simulators for nothing. Entice visitors to check out your booth (and future customers) by experiencing your brand. Let them participate in a competition for example as people are significantly more responsive to "show" vs. "tell". An easy and fun way to gain contact information, strike up a conversation and show that you are beyond the brochure.

2. Is this event to showcase a product that your company makes/distributes?

Even better! Whether your product is the latest car at an auto show or a new type of golf club, our simulators will help to make your product memorable. Host friendly and entertaining contests: hole-in-one, most goals on the goalie. All the while seamlessly integrating your product into the software. Having multiple touch points will help engrain the benefits of your product into their memories.

3. Is your company participating in a larger scale event to raise funds for charity? 

Football Simulator

Perhaps you are running an online Twitter or Facebook fundraiser and part of this is having an on-the-ground charity contest to gain awareness and raise funds. This is an easy and natural fit for what Visual Sports offers. Draw people out to an event where they can swing a club and try to get their ball closes to the pin. What's wonderful about this is that people can buy tickets to participate, therefore donating to your cause and feeling a sense of reward and entertainment immediately. 

 4. Will this be a one-time-deal or will you host something like this year over year or even more often? 

Football Simulator

 This is one of the main things that a lot of companies are thinking about when they consider purchasing one of our simulators. Will I have reason to use this again? Our answer: of course! In fact, our customer service is the best in the business and our customers will attest to the fact that we've helped them countless times get their simulators ready and RE-ready for a new promotional event repeatedly. 

The great thing, the simulator doesn't need to sit stationary when you don't have something going on. Set it up at your office or facility and use it. An excellent side benefit is the team feel that is enticed on say a Friday afternoon office break or during a team building exercise.

Our goal: we want to help you promote your business/product/event AND have both you and your customers enjoy the play part of the experience.  

By: Daniel Weitzner, VP Development