Family Sports SimulatorTurning a Rec Room into the Family Room

In our industry while we work with many businesses and our simulators are seen at countless events, would you be
surprised if we told you that nearly 30% of our simulator sales are housed in residential family homes? 'tis true! And that covers all of the changing dynamics of what a family looks like. Our simulators work for every family. 

There are lots of benefits to having a precision golf simulator in the home. Our team knows just how important it is to consider all of the elements involved when one decides what is to be brought into the home. Trust us, our families know all about these!

We've talked to our customers and our team and we've got a solid list as to why more and more of our simulators are shifting the "family room" from the upstairs off the kitchen to the "rec room". 




1. Quality Family Time for All Ages

Our games go beyond golf. Sure, play a round of golf, but also get the whole family together and go for a longest field goal or participate in a good ol' game of zombie dodgeball

Oh, and by the way - the amazing projection systems can even act as a TV screen and work for traditional gaming systems. Really, countless uses. 


2. Physical Activity - year round. 

Stats everywhere keep popping up about the importance of physical activity. Much like Visual Sports participates in Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play, we know that regardless of age, getting up and moving around is vital. The beautiful thing about a home simulator is that it's a resource for physical activity all year long. With our 13+ options it's hard to not find one that will get you up and shaking it. 

3. Enhance Your Skills

A biggie. FOR SURE! In the off season all of that extra practice is going to make your game even better when you are about to tee off on the green in the Spring. Plus, a simulator is a wonderful tool to help to coach the younger players in the house and those less active golfers on the importance of tracking the swing and club head position when playing. Training for all players. 


4. Not An Eyesore, Rather a Key Piece of the Decor

Completely customizable. That's right, you read that right. Customizable. And not just the software. Our team will work with you to have the ultimate simulator system designed to integrate into your existing space or to act as a focal point of a new set up. Whether you want a classic look of black or wood paneling, to maybe something featuring specialty designs, we've seen and done it all.  

5. An Investment That Lasts. 

Much like the family room being a central area for so many families to grow with each other, our product will stay with you for the long haul. The quality of the product will make your investment return limitless and our exceptional service goes with every customer for as long as you have the product. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got to get going. The wife and kids are waiting for a little adults vs kids quarterback challenge at the 49ers stadium - every so conveniently located in our family room. 


By: Daniel Weitzner, VP Development

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